About Us


Beverly Petersen-Fitts, M Ed. BA

Jordan Petersen-Fitts, BFA


The Cuyahoga Falls Dance Center strives to foster self-confidence, physical fitness, and artistic expression in our students. We want our students to work hard, accept corrections gracefully, feel beautiful, and challenge themselves to move to music. We want to witness their personal growth as they learn to interact with one another with courtesy and respect. Our students will be encouraged to give back to the community that has supported their endeavors and to become role models of accomplishments and integrity. Above all, we want our studio to be a joyful place where our students smile, laugh, have fun and encourage one another.

Our Mission

Our mission and passion at the Cuyahoga Falls Dance Center is to be the studio Where our students sparkle inside and out!


Meet our friendly and experienced staff:

Beverly Petersen-Fitts

Jordan Petersen-Fitts

Patty Constantine