Private Registration 2020



Printable Private Registration



Due to the limited number of private lesson slots and the demand, the following guidelines must be followed:


1.Students will sign up for a private lesson by emailing Patty Constantine at 

pattycfdc@gmail.comphone: 330.631.6008.  Patty will check teachers and slots available and provide a time and instructor.

2.Private lessons will begin the week of September 3 and the private lesson fee will be added to the monthly tuition bill.  Private lessons are not eligible for the multiple class discount or unlimited class discount.

3.Students will begin the lessons working on technique, flexibility and strength.  If the student wishes to perform a solo in either competition or Showcase, then the solo work will also be incorporated into the lesson. If students wish a duet or trio, the procedure is the same and the duet/trio price applies.

4.Private lessons follow the same nine and one half month commitment as the regular classes. Over nine and one half months, students are guaranteed 36 or more classes.    A private lesson is a commitment between student and teacher.

5.Student must be enrolled in a group class in order to sign up for a private lesson.

6.The private teacher will choose the best dance genre for the student’s ability.     

7.If a student wants two solos with the same teacher, then student must register for a 45 minute solo slot.  If a student wants two solos with two different teachers, then student must register for two separate 30 minute privates.

8.To secure a private slot, the registration fee and first month’s tuition must be paid at the time of registration.

9.Fee Schedule:

          30 minute private:  $80 per month

          45 minute private:  $120 per month

          60 minute private:  $160 month

          30 minute semi-private for two or more students:  $60 per month per student


10. If CFDC cancels a private lesson for any reason, a make-up class will be    

            offred.  No make-up classes are offered for vacations or outside activity      



11.Tuition must be up-to-date to continue private lessons. If tuition is a month 

in arrears, the private lesson will be suspended and no make-up permitted.         


Private lessons will focus on correct technique, strength, and flexibility based on the student’s individual needs to allow the student to  advance to a higher level of  technique.